Cherry Tree 2017

Cherry Tree As Of May 13 2017

20170513_103727The bees are doing their job.  There is a constant buzzing noise when you stand under the tree. Will have to trim some tree back for the new deck.   (more…)

The Reason

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Why do you think I do this?

Everybody has their reasons.   For me...The reason is that I'm tired of working so hard with little time for the things that really matter.   Being told were and when to be (more…)

Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing TrendsEmail Marketing Trends

Some really interesting but not surprising information about email marketing.

  It is evolutionary in its presentation as devices change the way we view our content.     Another contributing factor is the next generation of people buying new devices that help move these trends.   So here are some interesting facts. (more…)

Big results require big ambitions.

Home Business Online"Big results require big ambitions"

Heraclitus - Greek philosopher who influenced Plato, Aristotle. and many others, to this day.

I saw a quote online somewhere and I thought it was interesting. I also
thought "who the heck is this guy," so I googled him.

Turns out he was a smart dude of distinguished parentage, according Wikki.
Heraclitus of Ephesus a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher.  So you know this
guy is old.

With age comes wisdom, like a whisky that gets better with age. Maybe not 
the most fitting comparison.

This guy Heraclitus, pre-dates Plato and Jesus, almost like a Yoda.  

I think that the bible was written by people that studied all the great
philosophers, and wrote about the people that lived by these philosophies.

The Ten Commandments are basic rules of life. Don't steal, Don't sleep with 
the neighbors wife. I can only think of two right now.

I haven't read the Bible but I know there are a lot of life lessons in there 
that are essential to getting along in this world.  

Many of these lessons are also brought to our attention in the business world.

These old philosophers promote some really basic principals that apply to the 
world of business.  

Especially in the Direct Selling Industry, which includes 
network marketing, home and online business, wealth generation
systems, and probably all honorable sales positions.  

Books like "The Richest Man in Babylon"  Secrets of the Ancients wealth 
building strategies.  

Another great book to be inspired by is called "Think and grow rich"

All the way from the ancient Greeks to the modern day teachings of 
people like Zig Ziglar who said;

"You can have everything in life you want, 
if you'll just help enough other people get what they want."

Jim Rohn said it like this.  
"Help someone with their bills, yours will disappear.

Another lesson from this post..... I read one quote from 
skimming through my emails this morning and It inspired me 
to write this post and share my thoughts.

I would also like to share with you a way you can build 
any business you like online.  Or if you don't have a 
business but need a way to earn more money, look at this.

I call this a business within a business.  I'm helping 
someone right now too.   I'm using a rotator link to promote
my business. 

If you happen to partner directly with me, your
sales page will be added to my rotator link throughout all my 
marketing.  This includes my email list, blog posts, submit buttons,
QR Codes, text links, more.

I'm passing on my philosophy to you of using a rotator link to 
help others grow their business, and I encourage you to do the 

For more information, ad your email to the subscribe form.



How to create QR codes with Google.

Step Five: How to create QR codes with Google.
Super easy way to Advertise to the off line world Using QR Codes!  
There are more people with smart phones than ever before.  With a good lead magnet headline you could have people scanning your add or flyer all day long in a busy area.   The QR Code will display the web page that is linked to the QR code to view right away or at a later time.  
  • Go to www.GOO.GL
  • TYPE IN YOUR WEB ADDRESS in the text box
  • ADD ".QR" (dot qr) TO THE END OF THE LINK that you pasted into the address bar.
    SAVE THE IMAGE and name it something according to each ad you are placing so you know which QR code belongs to each ad.     ONE DOLLAR TRIAL NPN Use the QR Code image where ever you like while respecting local laws of course.     Talk to you soon!   Mark

The New Smart-Phone Demographic

Just about everybody it seems has a Smart Phone these days.

What comes with Smart phones is an entirely new demographic that is still growing by leaps and bounds. If you are doing any kind of marketing online, then make sure your (more…)

Do Free Online Ads Work?

Free online ads do work if you place your ad in the right places.

If you're running your business within your local area, and not globally, then you should advertise in local online classified sites. (more…)

Selfish vs Selfless

How are you running your home based business?

Are you helping your team or are you helping yourself? You can help yourself by joining a home business and building a team. Although that is not selfish, it is a way to help you reach your financial goals. The selfish part is that you're not helping build your team. (more…)

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing Stats

No matter what you're promoting, you will use email marketing to build your list and  your business.

And we all know that list building should be the number one activity for your online business!