Raise A Little Hell!

As a music fan I listen to many types of music.

Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical & Jazz. Not all of it is inspirational. But there are certain songs lyrics that make you think. (more…)

Positive and Negative Motivation.

Positive and Negative Motivation.

What I've discovered about motivation is that it can come from different sources.   If you're looking for ways to get motivated just think about your daily activities. (more…)

Cherry Tree 2017

Cherry Tree As Of May 13 2017

20170513_103727The bees are doing their job.  There is a constant buzzing noise when you stand under the tree. Will have to trim some tree back for the new deck.   (more…)

The Reason

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Why do you think I do this?

Everybody has their reasons.   For me...The reason is that I'm tired of working so hard with little time for the things that really matter.   Being told were and when to be (more…)