Affect Change

If you want to affect change, start with the truth and do it for positive reasons, not negative.


What you put out there will come back to you, so watch your step, because Karma can be a real bitch!

  I say this as I relieve my stress from people that try to make me look bad in front of my colleagues, peers, and management team.   I am also thankful for the people that recognize this and know that I am not the person others make me out to be.  We will call him Phil.   Some people will try to derail you the moment things don't go their way, without thinking of the consequences of their actions.   We all need improvement, and while we strive for perfection, it is never truly achieved.  It is in the striving that we realize our personal growth.

How to create QR codes with Google.

Step Five: How to create QR codes with Google.
Super easy way to add mobile  track your leads and take advantage of QR Codes!
  • Go to www.GOO.GL
  • TYPE IN YOUR WEB ADDRESS in the text box
  • ADD ".QR" (dot qr) TO THE END OF THE LINK that you pasted into the address bar.
  SAVE THE IMAGE and name it something according to each ad you are placing so you know which QR code to place on your flyer.   Use the QR Code image where ever you like! I used three different flyers posted in different types of places, but they all take the smart phone user to the same place! One flyer was for the grocery store, another in bus shelters, and one in the college.   I made a few copies of each and placed them around.   Each type of flyer has a different QR code but adds all leads into the same marketing funnel. Now you know where and when your leads came from! All leads are smart phone users in my area and want to know how to make extra money. You can use this system for promoting any business you like.   Talk to you soon!   Mark

The New Smart-Phone Demographic

Just about everybody it seems has a Smart Phone these days.

What comes with Smart phones is an entirely new demographic that is still growing by leaps and bounds. If you are doing any kind of marketing online, then make sure your (more…)

Segment your leads.

Step 7:  Segment your leads.

  Segmenting your list serves a few reasons.
  • It keeps your list fresh and leads engaged.
  • It separates buyers from non buyers.
  • You can Send team information to members only like Private access webpages.
The first list you made in the beginning was for people to get more info about how to make money with NPN Builder, or whatever it is that you are promoting. The second contact list you are about to make is for people that join your business opportunity. This one is for a focused team build so that you can help your team make money using your link rotator.   Have you checked out the income calculators at Global NPN?  That really motivates and inspires people to get going!  NPN Builder is a Super Easy System. There is all the training you need to set up a complete marketing system.  You don't even need a website! Personally I believe it's always better to have at least one website or Blog. You can use the Free blog at GlobalNPN to put your subscription forms on, or you can your own hosting.   I'm just introducing some ideas and concepts that might be of help to you.  By adding your NPN member ID into my link rotator system, the next person after you could join your team.   DO the same for your directly sponsored team members and repeat process.  Be sure to promote the very same concept throughout your network so others do the same in your team and beyond.  

CREATE A Second  FORM and Contact List>

Create a simple contact list in your GlobalNPN back office just like you did before.  You just need an email address, but you can also add fields for first name and ID number if you like. You'll know if someone joins your business opportunity anyway, so you ca still add their ID to your link rotator.
Make a contact list first, then make the subscription form.
Once that is complete, put the form onto a webpage somewhere and provide the link to people that have joined your business opportunity.  Your new NPN Team Members will want to do this so they can be included in the team emails and marketing.  You can use the NPN Instant Blog.   Here is a sample of my second contact form.   There are really endless options when it comes to email and online marketing.  Just be helpful and try to provide useful information to your subscribers.   You use the previous steps as examples for offline and online marketing with QR codes.  Use and promote the link rotator system with GlobalNPN or whatever you are promoting.  NPN lets you create contact lists and web forms for anything you like, so use this system and promote your business at the same time!   NPN is a business and marketing system within itself so use this as an add on or stand alone system to help you make money.  After all, that's what this industry is all about.  People helping people, and I'm here to help you!   I hope this information was helpful and informative.   Please join my Facebook group to stay posted!

Set up your Auto Responder Emails.

Step 6: Set up your Auto Responder Emails

Ok, You've already set up a form and contact list that you followed directions for in the NPN Builder back office.   Now you will want to add a few messages to it so that you can follow up with your leads and prompt them to join your business.   Make sure your first message is a nice welcome message from you.  It should be set to be received immediately after sign up.  The next several messages you create can be spaced apart every few days or a week apart if you like.   Send good information that may help people with decision making calls to action. Be sure to include a link to your NPN builder site in your emails.  This should be your rotator link if you want to help your team grow and make money.   If you wnat to make money online with this system, then you must help your team grow their business. By using your rotator link and placing your direct referral ID's into it, you will help them build a team of their own.   When other team members in your organization use this link rotator concept to help their team members, the whole team will make money faster.  Each person helps the people below and everybody wins! T.E.A.M. stands for TOGETHER EVERYBODY ACHIEVES MORE! Go to the next step to segment your leads from subscribers to customer team members!    

Set up your tracking links.

Step 4: Set up your tracking links.

Set up tracking links for your offline marketing campaigns. Track your results so you know where your hits are coming from, or not coming from. In oder to be successful at anything you need to measure your results so you know where to concentrate your efforts. You can use tracking links on anything clickable, even an image on a piece of paper! Use your tracking link for the link that you are going to use for your QR codes. You will be able to track your qr code scans. That's what I find so amazing.... The advance in technology has given us a new way to market products and services to a completely new and emerging demographic (The Smart Phone User) This is the exact marketing campaign I am using for the paper flyers I had around town with the QR codes on them. Here is how I set this campaign up in order of progression. You should have already done this in previous steps anyway. Get your NPNBuilder2 affiliate link and place it into your link rotator. Create a tracking link that is associated and linked with your link rotator. Then you use the tracking link as the link to create your QR code if your going to use qr codes. Create a tacking link for each different place your link appears so that you know where your clicks are coming from. Example: If you placed an add in two different places, you;ll want two separate tracking links. Each tracking link should lead back to to your link rotator that you created.not your affiliate ID link. Name your tracking tags according to your ad. Now take each tracking link you created, and create a new QR code for each. (Only If your advertising with QR codes. If not, you can just use the tracking links for your prospective leads to click.)  

Adding links to your rotator.

Step Three: Adding links to your rotator.

Add your NPNBuilder Link to your new link rotator. Go to your NPNBuilder site and click "Affiliate Info: from the left of the screen. Click on "Affiliate Links" Copy & Paste.. Copy the second Link that looks like this: Replace X with your Affiliate ID number only like in the example: (my link) This is the specific link that will send your new leads to the contact list that you created earlier in step two. Go to your Link Rotator that you set up and paste the link that you copied into the Field that says "Website Url". delete the "http://" from the field before you paste your link into it. This is the specific link that will send your new leads to the contact list that you created earlier in step two. From now on, you can use the rotator link to promote your business. IMPORTANT: Remember to add your new personaly sponsored paid subscribers affilaite links into your link rotator, just as you added your own. So now that you're a paid member, your affilaite link is in my rotator link, witch is linked to the QR Code you saw on that paper flyer in the grocery store, bus shelter, college, on my blog or another website. For the several people that join under me, they will have their affilaite link in my link rotator, You will do the same. You can even create your own QR Codes and attatch your rotator link to them, and help out your directly sponsotred team member s. Each time the QR code is scnned, a differnet memebers site wil show up,. This helps build your team. You should also promote this type of pay it forward system to your team meembers.  

Creating Your Link Rotator.

Step Two: Creating Your Link Rotator.

A link rotator is like a hat full of names.

If a group of people were to write their name and referral link on a piece of paper and place the paper into a hat, that would represent a link rotator.

A click represents a person pulling one piece of paper out of the hat with an affiliate link written on it.  A link rotator is just a digital version of that.  It's a great way to pool marketing efforts between team members.

If ten people all have the same affiliate link in one rotator, and they all advertise the same rotator link, it would create a lot of traffic for those team members and build the business faster.

Each person who has a paper in the hat gets a viewing of their website, and then it’s placed back in the hat at the bottom of the pile.

There are three parts to creating your final links that you will use to advertise. Example:  Main Link + Link Rotator + Ad Tracker = The actual link you will promote.  It is the ad tracker link you will promote.
Your ad tracker is connected to your rotator link.  You can add or delete affiliate links inside the rotator without affecting any of your tracking links or rotator links. At the end of all the steps you will be using an Ad Tacker Link  that is connected to your link rotator, which is used to manage your affiliate links inside the rotator.
  • Log into your GlobalNPN back office to set up a rotator link.
  • Go to the "Products & Tools" tab, Under tracking tools, select "URL Rotator"
  • Click ON Add URL/ADD Rotator
Scroll down to the bottom and click on the button that says "Create new rotator" Now you can add your desired links to the rotator!
Each link in the link rotator should be the same except for the ID tag within the link.  It's easy to just remove the ID from the affiliate link and add the correct ID for each member as you enter new affiliate links to the rotator.

Orientation and set up.

QR Code Marketing Exercise.

Step One: Orientation and set up. 

By the end of this exercise, you will have created a total of two contact lists, two subscription forms, tracking links, rotator links, and a few other marketing goodies.

Get to know your back office and do all the quick set ups and video training!

There are videos on how to do these activities in your GlobalNPN back office training central near the top right of the website.

  • Follow the set up videos in your NPN Builder account under the"Getting Started" menu on the left of the screen.
  • Be sure to complete the instructions on MMPro Integration.  It's Easy!  Watch the video in your NPN Builder back office!
  • This will have gotten you to the point where you now have a new contact list for your webpage that your viewers/audience can add their email address to.

Do Free Online Ads Work?

Free online ads do work if you place your ad in the right places.

If you're running your business within your local area, and not globally, then you should advertise in local online classified sites. (more…)