About Me

Hi, my name is Mark Austin.

Here’s a little bit about me.

I live in Barrie Ontario with my wife and kids.

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We are a typical suburban family, I think. 

I enjoy classic rock music and cooking.

I’m here to tell you why I created this Blog.

In my working career I’ve been let go, downsized, diminished and hung out to dry.

One day you’re working, the next day your life has been turned upside down because of somebody’s decision.


I learned a long time ago you cannot rely on any one particular stream of income and you better have more than one skill!

Companies change all the time and people can loose their jobs in an instant. I’ve been there, it’s not a good time!


So I started A PLAN B!

Some people take on a second job, try to save money, go back to school, but  who really has time for that?   My plan B includes home and online business.   In my opinion, it’s really the only way to generate income on a part time basis that you have one hundred percent control of. There are endless amounts of people that are thinking that they need more money. There are less people that actually do something about it!   The good thing is that more people are realizing that there are some great opportunities out there.

Home or Online business is not for everybody, but there are plenty of great people out there that are looking for a Plan B Opportunity that would change their lives.


Some people think “If it’s too good to be true it probably is. I’ve also heard “it’s better to stay with the devil we know than go with the devil we don’t know.” I’ve heard responses like “Do I have to sell anything?” or “my friend tried something like that and failed”.  



Old Wives tales or whatever… I say Blah to all of that!   There are plenty of scams out there! In every industry I can think of there is somebody doing something immoral or illegal!     From religion to banking, politics, education, medical, policing and law, real estate. The list is endless, yet people still go to school, church, vote, get medical help and everything else.

  I have created this Blog to share my knowledge, experiences and support those that are like minded.   If you’re in the Barrie area, I would love to have a conversation with you! Even if you’re far away, being a team member is easy these days with all this cool internet technology we have.


    The fact that one can build a business entirely via the internet and put a PLAN B into place really inspires me to help others realize their potential and help them build an income producing online or home based business. 

If you want more details about what I am doing and how I will be helping you promote your business in my email marketing campaign and blog marketing, subscribe to my contact list.  

Ps…Starting a business costs money, luckily you can actually afford to do this and learn step by step from me personally!


Email: markaaustin@yahoo.ca

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/HomeBusinessBarrie/