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With GlobalNPN, your auto responder service provider, comes a simple blogging system to help you get your content delivered.

Although I only use it as a static page to redirect interested viewers, it’s still a great way to get started building a list and making money with the NPN Builder.

This is my main blog here, but my GlobalNPN blog site looks like this

One of the easiest thing do do to get your business started is by simply purchasing a domain name for around ten dollars, and forward it to whatever link you like.

It could be forwarded directly to your GlobalNPN blog site, or an affiliate link, or whatever page you want your dot com to show up as. Exampole: I also own, it gpoes to my GlobalNPN rotator link.

I purchased the name and it forwards to my link rotator that promotes the GlobalNPN auto responder and other income generating tools.

Oh, BTW, you can get into the back office system for free, and you will see the step by step set up.  You just have to watch a short video and enter your email address.  If you want to make money online, here’s your chance!

Talk to you soon!


Good News for Email Marketers.

Report from McKinsey & Company for Email Marketers.

A study from McKiney & Compnay shows that ninety one percent of US households still use email.

The response rate is much higher with email as opposed to social media.  However, you should try to make your lead capture pages and other sales funnels available in a format suited for smart phones and tablets like android and Mac.

I am seeing that some hosting companies are offering to have your websites or blogs set up so that your sites can be viewed nicely on smart phones and tablets, laptops, and desktops.

It’s a good idea to check your sites across all platforms if possible to make sure you can reach as many people as possible.



Simplify your online success.

You only need three things to make money online. Keep things simple when you are starting out.


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Why you should use a Link Rotator.

Link rotators were created for the purpose of sharing.

They are used to help build teams, you can use them for spit testing different landing pages, and to protect your links.

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Home Business Online Income Testimonials.

GlobalNPN Home Business Online Income Testimonials.

Online income from home, easy steps to wealth.

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The one Extra word that can boost your business.

The one Extra word that can boost your network marketing business.

Use it in your copy, use it when you are speaking with people, use it in your ads online and offline.

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Your Online Business Needs Some Offline Attention.

Your Online Business Needs Some Offline Attention.

Business is business whether it’s online or offline.

It’s easy to forget about the offline world when it comes to online business.

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#TBT Throw Back Thursdays for business online

#tbt-home business Barrie OntarioCan #TBT Help Your Business?

I received an email on how you can use Throwback Thursdays in your online marketing.

Keeping a watch on trends in social media can help build your business online and offline even if you have a brick and mortar place of business.

All businesses need an online presence as a method of Read the rest of this entry »

Home business gets better

Home business gets better

Something new coming down the pipe!  

I would stop what your doing and take a serious look at this.  Here’s a quote from a blog post written by the owner. Read the rest of this entry »

How To – Help With Home Business.

How To Home BusinessHow To sign up  more reps, make more sales –  Prospect at the mall, Recruit high quality people, What to say to old contacts, and much more.

My business partner shared a link with me.  This guy has tons of great information on How To do stuff for your home business!

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