Would you do this for money?

do-this-for-moneyWould you do this for money? 

I am in fact.  And so are thousands of others.  What am I doing for money?

Promoting a simple low cost marketing system that provides all the web tools you need.

Simply subscribe and promote!  There are no shortages of ways to promote an online business.

One easy way is to register a good domain name, then forward it to you your referral page link.  Use the masking option and your web address will remain in the address bar above even when your referral page shows up.  Look at the example… Read the rest of this entry »

Why do I need a marketing system?

Why do I need a marketing system to do business online?

Can’t I just send my affiliate link or referral link to people and post it everywhere? Read the rest of this entry »

What you think about is what you bring about.

thinkIf your life isn’t what you were expecting, maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere. I went through a few learning experiences of my own.

Our thoughts create our actions, Read the rest of this entry »

E-commerce is still in its infancy. Why not grab a piece of the pie?

E-Commerce:  A look into whats coming your way, so why not take advantage. 

This  article hit the nail on the head.  The real world economy is suffering, we know that with the lack of employment, high energy costs, and cut backs.

But the online economy is is gearing up for record breaking advancements.  E-Commerce is here for good!

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Read the article here.  


Blog Tip

blog tip This Blog Tip is Hot! 

You probably know SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and this plugin is tops when it comes to optimizing your blog posts for the search engines.

This Blog Tip will show you how easy it is to use.

Simply called “SEO”  Here’s what it does. Read the rest of this entry »

How to get great blog topics.

blog topics

Here’s How to Get Great Blog Topics.

You may think that coming up with blog topics may be difficult.

You can sit there and think ” what will my next few blog topics be about today and come up with nothing for a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogging Tip!

One huge Blogging Tip for you!  It really doesn’t get easier than this. 

If you want leads for your business, then you must blog daily.  It doesn’t have to be a huge 500 word essay.  Just post something that is sensible and helpful.  Easy right?

Blogging is easy, but the one thing that is difficult for many people is being consistent.

This blogging tip means consistent blogging five times a week, no breaks, just do it!  Simple posts, good info.

Do this for a year, five days a week and you will see more leads coming into your subscriber list.

When you subscribe to my list, you will receive information on my primary business and the marketing system I use.

This blogging tip is the one to take action on today.  If you want to know about setting up your blog and marketing system, subscribe at my blog on the right and hit the” LIKE” button!

Mark Austin

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Blogging For Leads

Blogging for leads is a simple approach to keep fresh leads coming in for your home business.

You’ll need to set up a few things to start, then just start blogging at least a few times a week.

If you’re not sure what to blog about, then think about all the positive things you can post about your company.

Blog about the company events, where the meetings are, promotions, stats about home business, links that help your cause.

Don’t blog about your need, don’t post negative stuff, and don’t put down other companies.  Blog about helpful stuff!

Want great blog post ideas?  Read other blogs, motivational material, success and leadership material, and all the good stuff in between.

So what do you need to start blogging for leads?

#1 – register a domain name (www.YourName.com) .ca, ws. dot whatever.

#2 – Get hosting

#3 – Set up a WordPress blog

#4 – Grab an auto responder, set it up with pre-written follow up messages.

#5 – Paste your auto responder form on to your blog.

#6 – Post your first blog.

Make sure you have a call to action which is a statement that tells your reader to enter their name into your online form.

Your blog is your central hub.  All online activity should point back to your blog.

Make sure your pre-written email messages have good content in them.  Deliver what you promised.

Auto responders are a great way to build an income even when people don’t join your primary business opportunity.  This is because you can get paid referrals when others use the auto responder you promote.

In summary, you build your list constantly with your auto responder, promoting your services and knowledge through your pre-written messages.  (Include links and other goodies but don’t try to sell on every email out send out.)

Use your blog domain name in your online profiles, business cards, signature lines on your outgoing emails, forum posts, Facebook, twitter, and all your other social media.

Add LIKE buttons and other media links to your blog

When you post a new blog, send the link to your list subscribers.

Here’s the link to more detail on the subject.





A closed mind can be the most expensive thing you own.

  A closed mind can be the most expensive thing you own.

That old myth might be planted in your brain.  “If it’s too good to be true it probably is”  That’s the fear mongers spreading their protective information for you, keeping you suppressed.

They are dream stealers that have a mediocre life and they say those things to make themselves feel better, not you.

You can look at an opportunity and not like it, but at least you looked for yourself and didn’t let some poor sod tell you not to go and try to advance your life!

Does Doubt Take You Out Of Action?


If you keep telling yourself you can’t do something, you can’t.  People have risen up from the poorest of life worst situations to become superstars in their own right.

Even Henry Ford recognized this theory way back when he was inventing the car and the process of making cars.

He said, “No matter if you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.”  Changing your thinking is a key component to your success in everything you do.  Believe in what you are doing and do it with passion.


One of the best quotes I’ve seen by one of our home business leaders is this:

“Action will take you out of doubt, and doubt will take you out of action”

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Mark Austin

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