The Reason

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Why do you think I do this?

Everybody has their reasons.


For me…The reason is that I’m tired of working so hard
with little time for the things that really matter.


Being told were and when to be
somewhere, corporate policies, and
bad customers.
Mostly good customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the
people I work with for the most
part and everybody gets along.

I appreciate the employment and
experiences that  I’ve had.

It’s been paying the bills, but there’s
more to life than working to pay
bills and saving a little money
for the future.

I say……..

Why wait to retire broke on a
limited income?

You can do something starting
today, to  ensure a comfortable
lifestyle for the future.

The governments and the economy
have gone crazy, and there is not
too much we can do about that.

What we can change is our own
personal situation.

Some people think they should get
a Second J0B, or work harder at work
for a raise that still won’t make
a difference.


Or get trained for a new career at a
later stage of life because they were
down-sized after twenty years of service.


Working hard is noble, and I think
we need to work hard to succeed in
anything we do.

People spend so much time and
money on being entertained that it has
dulled down the masses to accept


So much so that people have been
led to believe there is no other way!

How much TV do we need to watch?


The world needs employees, and
there are plenty people that will
always be an employee.


There are also plenty of people
that are looking for a better way. 

Maybe you are  too?

I’m taking my time and money
back!  What about you?

I have realized that we sure do sp.end
a lot of money on
absolute crap!

I’ve re-directed some “Wasted Time & M0ney”
and decided to build a business for myself.

…And you can too.  This system provides
the tools, training, and Inc0me 0pportunity!

If you are reading this, the system
works!  This is what GlobalNPN provides…..

The power to share your information about
this and any other thing you like using professional.
tools.  Designed for Everybody!

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