Civic Holiday Is NOT A holiday To Celebrate!

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Civic holiday is a bullshit holiday for the privileged.


Bankers, legal profession, and government get the day off. Public sector people must go to work to serve the government and keep the taxes rolling in.

Unless you are one of the few that happen to work in an industry or business in the public sector that allows you the time off, you’re going to work.  Like my wife who must go to work today to serve the company. I believe that if there is a holiday day off, it should be for everybody, not just for the people in certain sectors and industries.  I say all for one, one for all.

That’s why home business and network marketing have become so popular.

People are tired of being screwed out of their lives.

Going to work really cuts into our personal time and takes us away from the things that matter to us most.

But it’s OK, the private sector doesn’t mind taking the day off!


You go to work and support the government and celebrate the fact that the government doesn’t give a shyte about you, the person that supports the system.



Simcoe Day, Provincial day, Regatta day, whatever day you wanna call it, it’s a day for you to not celebrate!


I mean why would we celebrate our provincial government?  The very same group of idiots who consistently screw the tax payer!

E-health, gas plants, wind mills that produce a mouse fart worth of energy that we have to pay to get rid of….just to name a few scandals.

But the government must keep raising taxes to keep up the taxes because of all the billions of dollars of our money they waste and spend on themselves!

The world needs employees, especially here in Ontario, but you don’t have to be one of them if you choose not to.

Some people are blissfully happy not thinking for themselves.  Go to work, go home, eat dinner watch TV. Get all the channels you can, Bell And Rogers will let you spend all your money on them just to keep you numbed, watch commercials so that you can buy products and services that are bad for your health and bad for your wallet.

You may be an employee now, which is fine, we all need money, but you must know that you have the option of creating wealth for yourself outside of a JOB (Just Over Broke)

No I won’t celebrate this day, I will celebrate for a change in the way I live my life.  A change in the way I earn money.

This is a day to say that you and I have had enough!

If you want change, you must change.  The government sure wont make your life any better, BUT YOU CAN!