Common Misconception about buying bitcoin

Common Misconception about buying bitcoin Common Misconception about buying bitcoin


Unlike a stock share where you must buy at least one share at the listed share price, you don’t need to buy an entire bitcoin. 


Buying one share would be a waste of time and money, just like buying ten dollars worth of bitcoin, although you could, it wouldn’t be very beneficial to you.


At the time of this article Bitcoin is just over fifteen thousand dollars per one bitcoin.  (BTC)  Most people don’t have that kind of cash to play with to enter the bitcoin market.


The common misconception about buying bitcoin is that a lot of people think that they have to buy a whole bitcoin in order to get in the game.


You can actually get started in Bitcoin for as little or as much as you can afford or would like to risk comfortably.  Most people can afford sixty dollars or more  to start something.


If you just buy some Bitcoin and hang on to it you will most likely make some nice gains.  However, when you use a system that compounds daily at about one percent, then your return on capitol is increased significantly.


This system  also helps hedge against losses because if Bitcoin were to drop in price you will keep much more of it compared to if you just bought it and kept in your digital wallet.