About Me

Home online business barrie. Low cost business on a shoe string budgetYep, this is me.  Husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin, and whatever other family title a guy can have.

I’m here in Barrie Ontario, just north of Toronto.


I set up this blog to share my interests with others because…..why not, and because I have one hundred percent control of my content, unlike other social media platforms.


My particular family demographic that I fit into is married and four children, ranging in age from 26 to 3 years old.  I’m always updating family pics and links here.


Ever since I discovered I can make a web page I was hooked.  It was an old version of WordPerfect some time in the early nineties.  Now I use WordPress which is just Perfect.


I’m also a nerd geek, or something like that.  Which explains why I am a Systems Technician for a large company.  This will be the only reference to my employment ever, as I do not share that info anywhere else.

I have always been fooling around with buttons and wires ever since I was three or four years old, and I like knowing how things work.  My  buttons and wires link will have pics and vids of whatever I’m working on.


I’m also into cooking and music.  I like playing bass and guitar.  Just amature but lots of fun.  I can thump out a bunch of tunes on my bass, which has taken a beating over the years.  Classic rock and heavy metal is my main jam.


Cooking is not only essential but experimental in many cases.  Anybody that cooks a lot will experiment with stuff, and alcohol.


We have some food stuffs growing in the garden and around the house, when in season.  Herbs can grow indoors all year, so it’s nice to have some fresh herbs on hand. I’ll have a link for food stuffs up top.


Making extra money.  I’ve always liked having a part time income aside from what I do full-time.  Although currently with a two year old, time for other things is at a premium right now.


I’ve installed lots of garage door openers, central vacuum systems, new phone and cable wall plates and connections, network cabling, alarm systems, and probably more stuff that I can remember.  Those jobs have made me lots of cash over the years.

It’s hard to get around to service other peoples’ stuff at their place these days.  My time is valuable, and I’m really busy at home with family when I’m not working.  No time for leaving home to make money.

This industry will allow me to have more time later on.

Some people love the direct selling industry, some are scared of it, some have no idea about it, and some people are opposed to it.

A good opportunity only needs the right person to run the system that is presented to them. I’m doing a couple of things you might be interested in.

Thanks  for coming around! Enjoy!


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