Bass Guitar Repair

Home Business BarrieMy Bass needs a little love. 

This picture is my bass guitar which has dirty pots.  (Noisy Potentiometer,  Crackly Knobs in layman’s terms.)

I have been exploring Capacitors for guitars  and have learned some cool stuff so far.


Also while exploring, I broke one of the leads off the Capacitor on the tone control knob so I am going to have to replace that as well.  I’m going to see if my local music shop has some Tone Caps.

Aug 5 2107 – Music store, not much help, the electronics guy wasn’t there.


Amazon has lots, I ordered a pair! ORANGE DROP TONE CAPS


Here’s a great video on Tone Capacitors (CAPS) for electric guitars.


If you really want to go deep on the subject of Tone Caps, check out Mr. Carlsons Lab

Are Your Capacitors Installed Backwards? Build this and find out!