Paw Patrol Car MOD

Paw Patrol ModPaw Patrol Car MOD

This was a little more work than I originally thought.  More to do with taking the Paw Patrol Car apart and getting the wires straightened away, than the actual wiring itself.


The wiring was easy.  I just added a DPDT Switch (Double Pole, Double Throw) to the battery cables.


In other words, I can reverse the polarity of the battery going to the motor, by using a switch installed in Paw Patrolthe left handlebar.


After soldering the wires to the switch I used a plastic glue gun to keep everything in place so there is no chance of short circuiting the wires after stuffing it all back into the handlebar.


Paw PatrolI counted eleven screws just to separate the handlebars!










As it turns out, that little black switch seems to be too small for the job.

It cannot take the punishment of a two year old.


This switch should be able to withstand toddler action.

Paw Patrol Car MODifiedMy wife and I went to Princess Auto and she found a nice durable three position switch. (DPDT-DoublePole Double Thow).


Found it in the truck section.  And  a lot easier to install than the first one.

I’m pretty sure I voided any possible warranty.  But at least it can go backwards now.