Growing Food

Apple-Tree-Barrie-home-businessIf you can grow Any Food it’s a blessing.

Food is about creativity, sharing, and cooking with love.

One of my favorite thing about cooking is making something quietly  that smells great.  It awakens the senses of my family and they start to inquire about these smells.


We grow some stuff around the garden, but our space is limited.  Even so, we grow quite a bit.  The pool takes a large portion of the yard, but very enjoyable.  I am pool boy in the summer.

Our apple tree has produced tons of apple over the years, more that I can use.

A lot of it goes to waste but I have made some great apple crisp.  It’s easy to make too.


Some of this and some of that, a pinch or two of stuff here and there, and bake it up YUM!  Some of the best comfort food ever.


My apple tree hasn’t produced much in the last few years and I’m not sure why.  This tree sure takes a beating in the winter.

Apple Tree Pics May 13 2017- Coming up!


I also do not use any type of bug repellent spray, so looking for the apples that are not buggy take a little longer.


Since I peel and cut them up, I know they’re good to eat anyway.  I would hate to take a bite and see half a worm!


Cherry Tree BarrieBut wait, that’s not all !  The Cherry Tree is Awesome! Cherry Tree 2017


As long as the weather participates properly, like most years, this Cherry Tree produces tons of Bing cherries.


Cherries-brandiedI’ve made the jam, the jelly, I think a pie or two, but mostly I just like to go outside and pick off  fresh cherries and eat them.  An tasty snack food, and healthy!


The jars in the picture are Brandied cherries.  A mix of lots of brandy and other stuff.


The only problem is the birds.  They love cherries too!  It’s always a battle of wits between me and the birds.

Cherries bloom early to mid June in my back yard.  The birds seem to come around the same time every year.


One year the tree bloomed later than usual and the birds came and ate all the green un-ripe cherries.


Sometimes cherry colored bird waste can be found on cars parked in the area, including my own.  My poor cherries.


Home-grown-blackberries-barrie-ontarioThese Blackberries at the side of the house get lots of sun!


The vines grow long,  and faster than any other plant I have encountered so far.  They also spread easily so I have to pull new blackberry plants out of the grass when I notice them.


We usually eat these as they ripen, but we manage to freeze some over the summer along with the raspberries from the back yard.


Smoothies are number one on the list of our berry consumption!