Bitcoin Quick Start Setup WealthHow To Buy & Profit From Bitcoin

First thing you want is a little bit of capitol, starting as little as seventy five dollars!


Get a Bitcoin wallet at


Get some bitcoin.   Go to a Good Canadian Bitcoin Exchange




If you want to buy bitcoin and profit from it you could always buy it and put it in a digital wallet and just hang on to it for whatever amount time you like.  Ride the wave and get off whenever you like. It can be very stressful doing that.  If you sell and make a profit, that’s great, but you could be making more bitcoin with the same amount of capitol that you started with.


Dec 26 2017 – How to put your bitcoin to work for you!

Would you like to protect your bitcoin against volatile swings, and still make money even while the value drops? 

With this system I am buying bitcoin daily from the interest I’ve earned on the bitcoin I already have.  It’s like getting free bitcoin!  So it doesn’t matter whether the market is high or low.  When Bitcoin is up or down, the system buys it automatically.  Your re-buy options are customizable so you can cash some out along the way of you want.


When the value drops I’m still buying bitcoin and have much more than I would have if I had just stored bitcoin in my wallet and let it sit and do nothing.

Three Simple Steps To Buy & Store Crypto Currencies:

  1. (BTC)  Bitcoin is the “Reserve Currency” in the crypto world.  To get involved with Crypto Currency, purchase bitcoin first by converting U.S. or Canadian Dollars to Bitcoin.

  2. Wallets” provide safe storage for your cryptocurrencies. Some wallets store only bitcoin. Other wallets store multiple cryptos.

  3. Exchanges” allow you to use bitcoin to buy 100s of other cryptos. Transfer bitcoin from your wallets to the exchanges. Some exchanges have wallets, but they’re less secure than wallet-only services.