Thank you for the flowers!


Thanks for the flowers Steffanie!

They look great after we cleaned up the table from all the food.

Turkey was great as always, lots of leftovers.  We're having turkey sandwiches and turkey soup too.  I think for dinner maybe we'll have uhm...Turkey again!  

We had beets roasted in brown sugar and some OJ, maybe a splash of beer :) , Mixed yellow and green beans with Cremini mushrooms, homemade cranberry sauce, because the canned stuff is garbage, sweet potatoes, some roasted potatoes, and of course carrots and parsnips....YUM!

Thanks for coming over, see you soon! Luv ya!

Expanding Home Business To Alliston Ontario!

Alliston-home-business Alliston Ontario is a growing community and that means opportunity for the right person to start a business Dream Team in Alliston.

We are looking for one person to start to help build a core group of team players.  You will be part of our core group with myself and business partner.

This is not a job, it is a home business that requires some minimal investment.  Not huge amounts.  Your function will be to host a one hour meeting in your home or a facility that we have all agreed on.

We are looking for a place in Alliston Ontario to present our home business opportunity in a public or private setting.  We do the presenting for you. We will be presenting weekly while building the team through word of mouth.  Our goal is to have more people attend each week than the previous. This is network marketing at it's best!  If it's not for you, then just pass this on to someone that might be interested! You must view the DVD presentation at least, or attend a local information meeting in Barrie Ontario to get complete details. We will be taking this home business to the next level and all it takes is one person to make a difference!  It could be you, or somebody else!  Either way it's happening now! Our home business is available to people all over the world including Europe, Australia, Canada, United States and more!  So if you're form somewhere other than Alliston Ontario, yes you can still view this top rated home business. We're expanding to Alliston Ontario and you can become part of the dream team! You must email me if you want to see what this is all about! One more thing.... We know the the United States economy is about to take a nose dive, and it will have a negative effect in Canada, so avoiding this now with a Plan B home business is a smart way to get ahead of the curve! We're lucky to be in Canada!      

Get paid on bills you are already paying.

Would you want to make money, save money, or both?

Everyday type of people are seeing this and it makes complete sense to them. NFL Star Lawyer Milloy is no ordinary person, but a retired NFL player sees the value in this opportunity.  So does Ex NHL players Brian Savage.  Baseball players also. 
These are elite athletes joining a company that anybody can take advantage of.  The teacher, factory worker, Starbucks employees.  It doesn't matter!  As long as you have the will power to do better than you currently are, this is the opportunity to focus on!
You can get paid on the bills you are already paying.  How?  Simple...You become an independent business owner that supplies these services.  You will then receive a percentage of your bills back you. At the same time, why not show a few others this concept, and you'll also get paid on their customers bills as well. Do you know anyone that uses the phone, Internet, maybe pay an energy bill?  Probably right!

This is a huge franchise opportunity.  If you are looking to create extra income outside of what you are currently doing, this may be just the thing for you.

Contact me for details on our next live meeting in person. Mark

I made some Apple Crisp.

Apple Crisp Barrie OntarioMy Apple tree is bearing lots of Apple Crisp Pies!  The smell of of apple crisp in the oven is amazing!

Go get your Smell-O-Vision App at your favorite App dealer so you can experience it just like I did!  (Kidding)  There are some good apple recipes here! I only used about half the sugar the recipe called for.  Also great to freeze for later!   I'm running out of freezer space!  Maybe I'll try apple sauce........