Positive and Negative Motivators.

Postive motivationSo what motivates you?

We all need to earn money so most people are motivated to earn money through traditional employment. But, for some, there comes a a time when being employed just doesn't cut it anymore.  Actually I think for most people that's the case. The problem is, most people won't (more…)

Happy Labour (Labor) Day

Labour Day - The Final Long Weekend of Summer!


A brief history of why we have labor day.

I am not in favor of public sector unions.  I also think that many labor issues have been resolved to a point where public sector unions are no longer necessary because of our current labor laws.

I do think it's good to review the origins of why we have this holiday.  

Home Grown Blackberries are in Season

Home-grown-blackberries-barrie-ontarioHome Grown Blackberries are just coming into season in my yard.

We are picking them and freezing them for jam.  These are nice and juicy!    I'll post pics when the jam is ready!  

Here's a health Fact Link for Blackberries.


Blackberries are high in vitamin C and fiber that can help reduce the risks of certain cancers.

Also contain calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and a whole bunch of other great stuff that you can see here.  

This is a Common Objection in Network Marketing.

Home Business Online Offline"If it's that good wouldn't everybody be doing it?"

If it's that good why isn't everybody doing it?

I bet you have heard someone say that before! 

By definition yes, that could be true.  But we are human!  The same truth can be used in just about any scenario. Cars are great too, (more…)

Product vs Services for Direct Sales

home-buisness-klondikeAs long as you've got a service people want, need, and use everyday, you've got a market for it.

Take a lesson from the Klondike Gold Rush!  There are so many great products and services that are available through Direct Sales companies.
The question is, what are you going to promote?  Products or services?  Here's my take on this..........