Positive and Negative Motivation.

Positive and Negative Motivation.

What I’ve discovered about motivation is that it can come from different sources.


If you’re looking for ways to get motivated just think about your daily activities.


If you go to work, like most people do, is it satisfying enough for you to not look for other ways to boost your income?


Do people tell you you’re doing a great job?  Are you getting paid enough to not worry about paying bills, or are you struggling to make ends meet?


Maybe you’re not making enough money.  Maybe your boss is an Ass…..%&!  Or your boss is an awesome person, but they don’t have the authority to pay you more.


Do you like your paycheck?  The house you live in, or the car you drive?  Are you working to make someone else rich?

Do people say you can’t do something, and to give up trying?  Or are people telling you to go for it?

Does your paycheck motivate you to do better, to earn more.


Working more hours or getting a second job never seems to be the answer.  It just burns you out and you become miserable!


Whatever it is you’re doing in life, there are things that you just don’t like and want to change.

The negative motivators seem to happen naturally by our surrounding situations.  People say and do things that may discourage you from your goals, but just ignore them.  They are likely not happy in their own life situation and need more people to share in their own misery.  Screw em!  Don’t let them bring you into their world too much.

Some of the wealthiest people started out in poverty, which in turn made them work harder to not repeat the cycle of poverty for their own family.


Some daily positive motivators are easy to add into your life as well. 


If you’re busy, listen to motivational audios while driving, or on the bus, exercising, or whatever it is you do.

Read books on successful people and how they did it.  Listen to people on the Internet that are growing their business. They’re doing it.  You can to.  There are business systems in place that can help you, if you want it.

For me, I like my job, but I don’t like the pay, and I’m working at something extra to build an income so that I don’t have to spend several hours a day pleasing other people.

The strangest thing for me is when my employer asks what my goals are, and I can never answer honestly! 

The reason is because I don’t want to work for the rest of my working life for someone else!  My goals do not include being employed.  I do need money of course, like everybody, but I’m willing to work at something outside of my employment to gain that freedom.

My motivation is a job that I’m not that interested in.  I’m good at it, love the people I work with, and enjoy many aspects of it.  But I would much rather enjoy life with more freedom and money.  Wouldn’t you?

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