Product vs Services for Direct Sales

home-buisness-klondikeAs long as you’ve got a service people want, need, and use everyday, you’ve got a market for it.

Take a lesson from the Klondike Gold Rush!  There are so many great products and services that are available through Direct Sales companies.
The question is, what are you going to promote?  Products or services?  Here’s my take on this……….

A true story from the Klondike gold rush ( my condensed version) – There were so many prospectors seeking gold, but most people never found their fortunes.

But the people who did make it were not the miners, they were the people who supplied all the tools and hardware to the miners, opened shops and fed them, sold them liqueur, and whatever else a town of eager miners could want and

So, in my humble opinion, I think that providing services to people are tops. People need all kinds of services.

Your Golden Nugget are the services you provide and the value you offer with it!

  • Telephone

  • Internet

  • TV

  • Auto responders

  • Web hosting +  B2B

The list is endless!  We rely on services everyday.

When people have tough financial decisions to make, cutting services is last on their list of things to trim.  People will cut out the auto ship vitamins or scented candles before the phone or internet. 

No one will ever say “Honey, I’m keeping the auto ship vitamins, we can do without electricity or phone this month.”  —   People will lose vitamins before they cancel TV, Internet, phone, or business services!

Mark Austin


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