Why you should Segment your leads.

Email Marketing Segment your leads Segment your leads because…


  • It keeps your list fresh and leads engaged.
  • It separates your buyers from non buyers.
  • You can Send different messages to different groups of people.



The first contact list to make is for people to get more info about your business, product, or service.  You send your subscribers great content daily.

The second contact list is a segment of your first list.  This is for people that are buyers.  They joined your business or purchased a product or service.  You can branch out into different segments as you become more familiar with your auto responder service.


Your Auto Responder is your most important tool in your business! Become an expert in using your auto responders features.


Your auto responder is also an extension of you. The content you create is what your subscribers will read, and learn more about you.


There are many ways to segment your leads so you need to study your auto responder that you’re using and make sure you know and understand how to set triggers and actions.


For example,  you can set link in your newsletter to trigger an action that moves your subscriber from one email campaign to another.  Send out a survey, collect data and see what your subscribers like.

You can break down your subscriber lists into sub niches as you progress, sending specific content for certain groups of people.


If you are not using an Auto responder then there is no point in having a business.  For business to survive online, your number one priority after getting set up is getting traffic and leads.

Keep filling up your marketing funnel with leads! 


The money is in the list. No List = No Money !!


Segment your leads by creating contact lists for different groups of subscribers, and write email newsletters that provide relative content to those groups.


There are Endless Options when it comes to email marketing,  Especially when you’re using the GlobalNPN Architect System to create any kind of sales funnel and landing page imaginable.