Selfish vs Selfless

How are you running your home based business?

Are you helping your team or are you helping yourself?

You can help yourself by joining a home business and building a team. Although that is not selfish, it is a way to help you reach your financial goals. The selfish part is that you’re not helping build your team.

Instead of putting all your new team members that you personally sponsor directly into your first level, place them under some of your team members to help build their business.

Do you realize the growth you can  experience when you help your team grow like that?

If you look at a multi level organization, you’ll notice that the bottom of your team is the widest.

That is where a large portion of your customers are. You actually have less customers near the top of your organization than the bottom.

Since the bottom of your organization can get really wide, so will your customer base. These are customers that you never even acquired but make a profit from every month from residual percentages.

When you are presenting your business plan, tell your prospects that you are building depth in your organization, so you will be helping them build their team with them.

You can do this by placing new team members under your newest or deserving team members.

You can offer to “hold a spot” – If you’re showing the business plan to lots of people, then you can offer all of them to hold their spot.

Then go back and start signing people up to your business opportunity that you’ve showed the plan to. You told them you would hold their spot and now you’ve got people that want to join, and you can place a new person in their team right away.

If you actually tell people what you will do for them, and then follow through with it by placing new team members in their organization, the will see progress and momentum!

Building a business for yourself is not selfish. Not helping your team is Selfish. You want them to flourish for the sake of your entire organization.

Selfless actions of helping your team mates getting new reps will increase your business.

The further down and wider you go with helping your team will not only make your  team mates happy and more wealthy, but your income will increase as well.

So don’t just concentrate on your self, direct your energy into helping your team mates win, because if they win, you won too.

EXAMPLE: Lets say you have three people in your direct down-line, on one leg each.

Your job now is to help each of those three people sponsor one person each into their personal down-line.

Now your first level members must commit to helping the new people you just gave them in their first level, which would be your level two.

Teach this method directly to your first level team mates so that they do the same for their new team mates.
When you teach this simple idea of helping others through your organization, and others start to repeat the process, you are going to be a very wealthy person.

That comes down to leadership. It only takes three to five like minded people to work independently of you in your organization to make a huge difference.

This means that they don;t need to be told what to do, they know what to to do and are running the business like you are or better, and sometimes worse, but still doing it.

As long as they are committed to a shared vision of success, you can lead your team to victory!

Being Selfless wins over Selfish every time!