Simple Link Rotator Trick To Build Your Down-line Team.

SImple online bsuiness Barrie OntarioSimple Link Rotator Trick That Builds Your Down-line Team.

Most people don’t use link rotators to their full potential.


This one method is simple and easy to implement.

This will help build your team.

You should be in communication with your members if you have any yet.

(maybe you just started).

This can work for just about any type of down line building and direct referral business.

Help automate your business building process.

You should encourage your first level team in your down-line to also include this exact process.

It’s super simple, but you must always teach

this to your team in order to develop and duplicate

your business!

Commit to helping three to five people in your first level of your down-line.

If you’re with me in GlobalNPN then I am helping you by adding your referral link to my rotator link.

Step 1 Create your rotator link.


Step 2 Add your personal referral link to your rotator


Step 3 add your new members referral link to the rotator until you have five plus yourself for a total of six.


Step 4 Use your rotator link in your marketing efforts.  Embed your rotator links into your email marketing campaigns, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, and your other social media.


Step 4 Encourage your team members to do this, so now they are helping five of their own directly sponsored members. Duplication is key to your success and the overal success of the entire organization!


Step 5 Once you have five members in your link rotator, remove your name from the list of links in your rotator.

This will help your link rotator cycle through the links, meaning better chance for your first level members to get sign ups for themselves.

Each time a team member obtains five of their own first level members, remove them for the link rotator!

You can now add a members’ referral link that does NOT have five of their own members.

Helping your team members build their business is the best way to get your business thriving!


Commit to helping only a handful of people at a time.

Pass this article to your team mates so that everybody creates at least one link rotator and helps their personally sponsored team members!


Option 1: You can register a domain name if you like, and forward it to your rotator link.
Example: I registered – it is forwarded to my link rotator.


I also use my rotator link in all my email marketing so that all my valued list members have a chance to join me directly and benefit from having their personal referral links embedded in my newsletters.


It’s also what you must do. Use your rotator link in your own follow up emails.
If you got this in your email, it’s the GlobalNPN System at work.


Option 2: How to get more traffic to to your link rotator.


If members in the link rotator all promote the same link, whether it’s the rotator link or a domain name that’s forwarded, then more traffic will be created.

That means more eyeballs will see the business you and your team are promoting.


You can embed your rotator link in articles, post, email newsletters, social media, a sig file from one of your email accounts, or forum.


It is very important to also build your email list.
Building your list should be your number one activity!


That’s an integral part of your marketing system.
So get an auto responder, and at least one domain name.


This is not about program hopping, it’s about planting your flag and staking your claim!

Can you find three to five people to help?

Once you do, you will always have five people to help, because you will be helping your team in the levels below you after the initial five you helped!

Look for people in your stats report that need a helping hand. Contact them, ask them if they are still interested and being active.


Find out if they want your help and how you can help them!


It’s of no use to help people that won’t help themselves.


No matter what referral links you put inside your link rotator, your dot com domain name will always forward to your most updated set of links.

This is one hundred percent duplicatable for most online businesses, so share this article and tell people how easy this is!

You can get link rotators anywhere you want, but why  not use them from your GlobalNPN membership.

It’s just one of many tools available to you.



photo credit: home red via photopin (license)