The New Smart-Phone Demographic

Just about everybody it seems has a Smart Phone these days.

What comes with Smart phones is an entirely new demographic that is still growing by leaps and bounds.

If you are doing any kind of marketing online, then make sure your website and marketing system is set up to include and serve the mobile device and smart phone user.

Connecting people with your offline message to your your online presence is as easy as 123 with the use of QR Codes.  (Quick Response)

We see QR Codes more and more, and the uses for them seem to be endless.  They were originally used for the Japanese auto industry for parts tracking, but have since become a main source of smart phone marketing.

QR Codes are the connection from the offline world to the online world in an instant.

  • Maps and signs
  • Coupons and special deals
  • In-store drive to web
  • How-to advice
  • After sales care
  • Mobile Marketing
  • PSA Public Service Announcements

BE sure to add QR Codes to your offline marketing to capture this new smart phone demographic!

See these amazing statistics on Smart Phone users and you’ll see why you should consider using more mobile marketing technology.  This new demographic is growing by leaps and bounds so don’t get left behind!