The Simple Formula Email Marketing

Email Marketing Segemnt your leadsEmail Marketing:  Simple Formula

The following guideline can be used to set up any Email Marketing Funnel and can be adapted to your own business.


I’m going to outline the steps that are important to getting your operation up and running.


Your Lead capture pages:

Learn to make them. Keep it simple.

Keep the page short and simple, no other links to take your reader somewhere else.

The only option is to subscribe or not.

Create a free offer to entice your viewer to enter their best email address.

A free report or training on a specific subject works well.  Private Label Rights Products are great for this purpose. Otherwise known as PLR . 

You will have to purchase PLR products in most cases.  They are inexpensive and you can use them for content in your own websites and email marketing.  Just be sure to read and follow the license user rights.

Your Headline or Lead Magnet Needs to be Attention Grabbing!

Keep the page information above the fold.  This means that the page is short, to the point, and no scrolling to see more at the bottom.


Your message to convey is:

  1. Identify a problem (Headline / Lead Magnet)
  2. Provide a solution (Your product or service)
  3. Show them how to get it (Your opt-in form)


Your Form Code:

I’ve tried a few different form options and have found what works best for me.

The opt-in form should be as simple as possible. The less info your viewer has to enter, the better chance of them subscribing.

I’m using a single opt-in, with email address required only. No name to enter is faster and less hassle for your potential subscriber.

You can also create a form with the option for your subscriber to subscribe with their Facebook email address with one click of a button.

It’s very quick and convenient for your potential subscribers. Their email address is also going to be a good one since it’s linked to their Facebook account.

These options are available in your GlobalNPN Architect Funnel Builder.

Here is the page you might have subscribed to. Take notice of its simplicity.
>> <<

I’ve made several pages prior to the one I showed you. Each time they seem to get a little better. It just takes a little time and practice.

Your Outgoing Emails:

Email Marketing is the core of any online business venture.

You need to create several auto responder emails to send to your subscribers before you start promoting your lead capture pages.

Send an email every day. There is training in your back office on how to set up your auto responder emails.

Look in your own email in-box for content and ideas that you can get from other people.

Don’t copy, re-create in your own words of wisdom!

I keep a swipe file for ideas from other emails I get.

Create your emails in your Note pad or other text editor because it’s easier to

save and edit. Sometime logins can time out and you can loose your stuff!

Use the spam checker tool when you create your emails to avoid your content going to the spam box.

Think of intriguing email subject lines that will engage your subscribers. Look at your own in-box to see what catches your attention.


Never stop creating new auto responder emails to send out Imagine a year of emails that get sent out.

It might take two years to do that, but so what? The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

You’ll think of so many things if you stay inspired by others at the same time.

I like to listen to leadership and Success audios from various people in the industry.

It helps add fuel to the fire!

So now you’ve got some emails set up to send out to your subscribers.

Subscribe to your own form to make sure it works properly.  When you start receiving your own emails in your in-box you will get a fresh perspective of what you have written.

You may want to adjust your emails as you receive them. Test your links that you included to make sure they work.

Keep going!


Getting Subscribers:

You need traffic, and not just a little bit!

You need more than just posting your link in your social media sites.

You need paid traffic!


Start small with paid traffic to make sure everything is running smoothly. You can see how things are going inside your back office.   Ypou may need to adjust your form or change some text


Don’t go and spend a bunch of money on paid traffic before you know how it’s working.  Ten dollar solo ads or a similar low cost traffic source are good to start with.


Once you see that your paid traffic is working, you can expand into larger paid traffic campaigns.

Always use a tracking link so that you know how your ads perform. You can set up tracking in your back office.

You can add other products and services that are related to your niche as you move forward with your venture.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Your List:

Your list is your number one tool and asset when it comes to marketing online.

Strive for a minimum of a thousand subscribers. I know it sounds impossible for some, but once you start your paid traffic it”s just a matter of time.

As long as you have your background stuff set up, send traffic as consistently as you can.


Just keep moving forward! Do at least one task each day.
No list = no money .


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Next, follow the step by step guide inside your back office.  After you go through the process you will understand what you need to do.

Apply the guideline above, be consistent, have fun, MAKE MONEY!