This is a Common Objection in Network Marketing.

Home Business Online Offline“If it’s that good wouldn’t everybody be doing it?”

If it’s that good why isn’t everybody doing it?

I bet you have heard someone say that before! 

By definition yes, that could be true.  But we are human!  The same truth can be used in just about any scenario.

Cars are great too, but not everybody has one.  Owning a house and being mortgage free is really awesome too, but not everybody owns a house.

Some people smoke, that’s not so great, yet people do it.

Not everybody does the same thing because humans are a diverse group of social beings
each with their own personal reality and agenda.

Not everybody likes or cares about the same things, and we all have different agendas.
However, if a thing is great enough, there will always be more people finding out about
it and taking action.

People will buy the new car, the new music, the house, vacation, a home business.  Not
everybody does the same thing which leaves lots of room for diversity!

There will always be new customers that come of age, new business partners as people
mature and see what opportunities await them.  Kids are growing into young adults and
become exposed to new ideas all the time.

There will always new car, a new song, a new idea. If the idea is great enough, there
will be plenty of people to do business with, create partnerships, and obtain customers.
How can you run out of customers and business partners when people are being
born all the time?

People will refuse the greatest things in the world just to satisfy their own agendas.

So no matter how great a product or service, or business opportunity is, not everybody will get with it.  It’s just the way things are!